Indiana Digital Rhetoric Symposium


IDRS has been made possible by the College of Arts & Sciences, the College Ostram Grants Program, Indiana University’s New Frontiers/New Currents grant program, and the College Arts and Humanities Institute (CAHI).

New Frontiers/New Currents

New Frontiers is a seed-funding initiative with the objective of helping support IU faculty in path-breaking and transformative programs of scholarly investigation or creative activity. The New Currents grant within the New Frontiers structure is more specifically focused on supporting events that bring major distinguished thinkers to IU to open conversations, engage in critical inquiry, and extend research on timely topics of significant and broad interest to the arts and humanities community and beyond, with a particular interest in events with an interdisciplinary draw across the arts and humanities.

College Arts and Humanities Institute

CAHI’s goal is to support the scholarly and creative initiatives of IU College faculty, in order to foster both individual research activities as well as interdisciplinary cooperation amongst individuals, groups and programs in the arts and the humanities. For more information about the mission, programs, and opportunities, visit the CAHI website.

College of Arts & Sciences

As the primary unit behind our funding structures, the College of Arts & Sciences at Indiana University is a major supporter of the IDRS. The college is the oldest and largest academic division at Indiana University and is steeped in the value of a liberal-arts education. It is comprised of world-class faculty, innovative curricula, and engaging learning facilities. The College seeks to prepare students at all levels to meet the challenges of the 21st-century.

College of Arts & Sciences Ostrom Grants Program

The Ostrom Program Grant is named in honor of former IU colleagues, Elinor and Vincent Ostrom, whseo work emphasized the importance of community and collaboration. These grants are designed to foster creative work through collaborative efforts, and are primarily meant to augment funding from other internal and external sources for visible and distinctive projects.

Rhetoric Society of America

The RSA, in concert with the IU Graduate RSA Student Chapter, is funding and sponsoring the Closing Keynote as its annual webinar. In keeping with RSA’s goal of creating more opportunities for graduate student collaboration and conversation across campuses throughout the year, the webinar will be made available to all RSA student members. For more information, visit the RSA website.