Indiana Digital Rhetoric Symposium

Area Information


Feast: 581 E. Hillside Dr.
Amazing tamales and locally sourced food.

FARMbloomington: 108 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Local food.  May require a reservation for larger groups.

Finch’s Brasserie: 514 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Local and seasonal food. Great entrees and wood-fired pizzettas. Nice beer selection.

Mother Bear’s Pizza: 1428 E. 3rd St.
Good college town pizza - also, nationally ranked. And their signage is a rhetorician’s dream.

Laughing Planet:  322 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Burritos that are delicious and that send telepathic messages back to their homeworld where the mirthful sentient burrito inhabitants laugh at your dependance upon Terra’s atmosphere to protect your puny meat-bodies from destruction. It’s okay. You’ll get the last laugh…when you eat them. Vegan options.

The Owlery Vegetarian Restaurant: 118 W. 6th Street
Vegetarian and Vegan adaptations of classic “comfort foods.” Local beers on tap.

Falafels Middle Eastern Grill: Dunnkirk Square, 430 E Kirkwood Ave
A cozy spot for excellent falafel and middle-eastern fare. Vegan options available.

Dats: 211 S Grant St.
A great option for fast, easy Cajun-inspired food.

Darn Good Soup: 107 N College Ave
A dozen soups daily; half vegetarian and at least one vegan. Great for a fast, inexpensive lunch.

Coffee Shops

Runcible Spoon: 412 E. 6th St.
Full breakfast and dinner menus. A bit busy during mealtimes but a good place to sit with coffee (or a beer) at other times of the day.

Soma: 322 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Medium-hip coffee shop with some baked goods and access to burritos upstairs (see Laughing Planet).

Rachel’s: 300 E. 3rd St.
Large tables available. Lots of room. Good menu with a few lunch and dinner entrees and a variety of quiches daily.

Rainbow Bakery: 201 S. Rogers St.
Coffee and all manner of baked goods including gourmet donuts. Many vegan options.

Bars and Nightlife

Atlas: 209 S. College Ave.
Tops among graduate students. Boasts cryptozoological taxidermy and a good jukebox. Can get quite loud. Food trucks out front.

The Bishop: 123 S. Walnut St.
Another top choice for grad students. Limited seating. Excellent micro-brewery options.

The Root Cellar: 108 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bands, dancing, and karaoke most weekends. Downstairs from FARMbloomington (see above).

Serendipity Martini Bar: 201 S. College Ave.
A variety of drinks, made strong. Mood lighting and sometimes live bands.

Players Pub: 424 S. Walnut St.
A locals’ place; standard pub atmosphere. Great place to catch local bands, usually playing folk, jazz, and blues.

The Tap: 101 N. College Ave.
Over 173,000 beers on tap! Really! (Not really.) Seriously, though. They have a ton of beers on tap.


Griffy Lake Nature Preserve: 3300 N. Headley Rd.

Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center: 3655 South Snoddy Road
You can tour the grounds, which have informational stands throughout, or you can check the calendar and participate in their walking and sitting meditation sessions.

Lilly Library: 1200 East Seventh Street
Just a couple minute walk from our main conference space, the Lilly is running an exhibit entitled “100 Years of Orson Welles: Master of Stage, Sound, and Screen” during the IDRS. It’s open and free to the public. You can also request to see specific materials, in the reading room without needing an IU ID. Check their website to review their extensive holdings.